Forum Condemns Ethnic Cleansing


By Jason Hansa
Staff Reporter

NIU's Marxist-Humanist organization held a forum Tuesday to discuss NATO involvement in Kosovo.

The 19-member NATO alliance has been bombing Serbian troops located within Kosovo, a province of Yugoslavia, for the past month.

Though tunout was sparser then what was hoped for, the SA recognized organization met to share its views.

"Our organization has been against 'ethnic cleansing' since the beginning," said Kevin Anderson, faculty adviser and associate sociology professor.  "I believe our position should be agaisnt 'ethnic cleansing' and to support the refugees and victims of it."

The forum topic then turned to supporting the refugees and victims in Kosovo.  The opinions discussed included unilateral NATO withdrawal, arming the Kosovo LKiberation Army rebels and introducing U.S.-led NATO ground troops.

However, forum participants agreed that the main problem was not NATO involvement in the Kosovo crisis, but the plight of the ethnic Albanian refugees fleeing from Kosovo.

"I personally cannot and also believe our position should reflect not supporting withdrawal or continued bombing unless the main goal of either is to stop genocide and 'ethnic cleansing' in Kosovo," Anderson said.

For more information on the Marxist-Humanist organization contact Anderson in the sociolog department.